Places To Buy Your Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

Selling hand-made jewelry is a lucrative business and you can make a lot of money just by doing what you love the most. Jewelry designing is an art and a popular hobby, but it is true that you need to have lots of supplies in hand to be able to make stunning pieces of jewelry. From jewelry tools and jewelry findings to beads and threading wire, you will need all the essential supplies so you can create the kind of pieces that you have in your mind.

Every jewelry designer understands the importance of buying wholesale jewelry places. While buying wholesale has many advantages, there are few downsides as well. However, you can avoid pitfalls if you shop cleverly. Being a careful shopper will allow you to make the most of the money you spend on your jewelry making supplies. There are some good places to buy jewelry supplies and some bad places as well.

Your local brick and mortar store is not an option here so always avoid buying in bulk from the local store. Although they may tell you that they are offering wholesale prices, they will actually sell at retail prices and you won’t even be able to complain later on. It is important that you avoid the bad places and only shop from the good places when it comes to buying wholesale. Here’s a look at some of the recommended places to buy your wholesale jewelry supplies.

Wholesale bead catalogue

Catalogue shopping is very popular and it is one of the convenient ways of buying beads in bulk. The pricing tiers they have depend on the quantity you are looking to purchase so when you buy more, you get to save more. They also have good return/exchange policy in case you are not satisfied with the beads. You can set up an account anytime, but you must have your resale number to make the process easier and hassle-free.

Wholesale bead show

One of the best places for unique jewelry making supplies is beads shows. Here you can find hand crafted artisan goods, cut gems, unique findings and elements. The best bead shows are those which have two separate sections for retail and wholesale items. Make your way to the wholesale section and you will surely grab a bargain.

Online sites such as eBay

Shopping from eBay is always convenient and you are also assured of quality products because eBay has strict policies in place. The best thing is the variety they have. No matter which type of products you are looking for, you will find everything under one roof. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you buy your supplies from a reputable online site such as eBay. In addition, you can benefit from free shipping and impressive discounts on bulk purchases.

Choose a Local Pawn Shop for Your Financing and Other Needs

A pawn shop is the answer to your immediate needs. You can pawn your items of significant value and reclaim them as soon as you have the funds. They also buy your unwanted items for a good price and sell others for less. Visit your local pawnbroker if you want to buy, sell or pawn jewelry and other valuables.

Why pawn shops?

One of the main reasons you will choose a store is how easy it is to receive a loan. The process is convenient and direct. You will leave your items with your pawnbroker in exchange for money. You will have a specific time frame to repay this loan plus the interest. The pawnbroker will take your items if you fail to claim them or pay your debt on time.

Getting a loan from a pawn store is ideal for those with bad credit scores. They will not check your current rating or report your failure to pay. They have your valuables as collateral, and you automatically forfeit ownership if you fail to repay them promptly. The pawnbrokers will then decide how to dispose of your items. This arrangement is also ideal if you want to keep your borrowing history confidential. You can borrow for an unlimited number of times as long as you have items you can pawn.

Pawn stores also buy any valuables you want to sell. You should sell your items to a pawn shop because they offer higher appraisals than other buyers. They accept jewelry, bullions, electronic items like cell phones and laptops, musical instruments, and guns among other items.

Great Finds for Less

Pawnbrokers can be independent businesses or part of a larger business such as a jewelry store or a gun shop. Those operated by larger industries are particular with the quality of items they accept because they have a reputation to protect. They sell these items for less because most of them are unclaimed valuables, and pawn shops never loan the full value of pawned items. Visiting your local pawnbroker is ideal if you want to find good deals on quality jewelry and other valuables.

Make sure to ask for clearance from stores when buying items from them. They cannot sell items until their contracts expire and the owners fail to repay their debt or extend the contract. You should also ask for proper documentation if you are buying items requiring it, like guns and diamonds. Pawnbrokers run by a gun shop will know what documents you need and prepare these as soon as you confirm your purchase. Pawn shops run by jewelry stores, meanwhile, can provide certifications stating the clarity and quality of your diamond purchases. You should buy from these specialty institutions if you want complete paperwork.

Pawn shops are your one-stop shop for finding quick loans, selling your surplus jewelry and valuables, or buying quality pre-owned merchandise. Make sure you only select local pawnbrokers with whom you can entrust your items.