Treasure Hunting: What to Look For On Jewelry

Have you ever been at a Garage Sale, or Yard Sale and found jewelry and didn’t know if it is valuable? Have you ever been to a thrift store, consignment shop, resale shop, or even Goodwill?

What do I look for and where do I look for markings on jewelry?

How would I get cash for it?

When you look at a necklace, for instance, look at the tag or the clasp. Look for 24k, 18k, 14k, 10k, or.925. If they show any of this, it has value.

If it has a pendant or charm, look on the back. Look on the inside of a ring or bracelet. For earrings, look on the edge or the post. Also, look for an unusual clasp or safety. Check these out real well. Ususlly if you cannot find anything significant, it probably isn’t worth anything. If you lean toward thinking it is go ahead and buy it if it is cheap. You can take it to a jeweler and see if it is worth anything.

If you look often, you will need to get a magnifier, or a loupe. The easiest kind would be the kind you hold up to your eye. Bausch and Lamb Hastings Triplet Lounge is a popular one. They are easily ordered on Amazon or other websites. just search Hastings 10x. You want to get 10x. They do sell more powerful magnifiers, but they are difficult to see because they are so magnified.

K is for gold and C is for gemstones. LOOK FOR: Valuable markings on jewelry are listed in GREEN.

* PLATINUM, (the most valuable) Plat, 950, pt950, PLAT, PT, 950 Plat, 950pt Also, 900 Platinum is 90% pure platinum. 900 Plat, Plat 900, pt900, or 900pt.

*GOLD, right now is around $1400.00 an OUNCE,(3-17-11). 24 Karat gold is PURE gold. It is soft and probably won’t find it on jewelry.

22k is 91.6%gold. 916 917

18k, or 75% gold. 750 18kp

14k or 53.8% gold. 585 or 14kp.

10k or 41.6% pure gold. 417, 16, or 10kp.

*STERLING SILVER, is 92.5% silver. 925, or.925. A silver dollar 1964 or before is usually about 90% silver. Right now silver is around $34.00 an ounce, (3-17-11) Don’t forget to look for these numbers on silverware, tea sets, platters, and other silver products. It is usually located on the bottom. A lot of silverware is plated which is not worth much. If you find something with one of these silver markings, and especially if it is heavy, you may make some money. I recently bought a spoon for.25. I took it to a jewelry exchange and he offered me $10.00 for it. I didn’t sell it to him. I want to check around a little until I find one that I will take all my treasures to. Many times coin dealers also exchange silver, gold, and platinum for cash. Call around or search internet for a place near you. Instead of driving around and using a lot of gas, be thrifty and call and get a price for the silver, gold, or platinum, you are wanting to sell. Some places give more per ounce than others. BEWARE of silver made in MEXICO. They do not have the strict regulations that we do. Many times it is not really silver. I bought a silver bracelet with.925 stamped on it from a Thrift or resale shop. I brought it to a reputable jeweler and the lady told me to watch out for Mexican sterling silver. And, it was, FAKE. Oh well, it was from a resale shop; I only paid $3.00 for it.

Italian High Fashion Jewelry

Images of love, passion and a libertine way of living come to mind when thinking of Italian high fashion jewelry. The universal love of jewelry reflects the emotions of life and love itself. Although many things change, the allure of Italian high fashion jewelry and our passions endures.

The connection between love and jewelry as an expression of this intense emotion dates back as far as the craft of jewelry making itself. Historically jewelry was used as a means of communication and many of the most famous creations were gifted between lovers. Jewelry has been used as the medium to convey sentiments of desire, love and affection in times when speaking words alone were not enough or when the words could not be said. Even today, the sensuous curves and the graceful designs of Italian high fashion jewelry in necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are often used to remember a passionate moment.

There was a time when jewelry exchanged between lovers did more than express their feelings; some of the beautiful pieces were created as amulets or talismans. During medieval times, jewelry was used to validate the identity or status of a person; ensuring safe passage for lovers en route to a rendezvous. Jewelry has been given as a symbol of desire: as a prelude to seduction beautiful jewels have often made the invitation to pleasure impossible to resist.

Italian high fashion jewelry or “couture” jewelry is crafted from the finest precious metals and gemstones; platinum, gold, diamonds, emeralds and rubies owes much of its elegance to these classical origins. More than one modern designer has been inspired by the jewelry worn by royalty at court.

But those of royal birth are not the only ones who have enjoyed the pleasure of wearing the most beautiful jewelry. When the subject is Italian high fashion jewelry, the name is Bulgari, founded by Soutirios a Greek man from a family of silversmiths who despite his humble beginnings has become Italy’s most famous name in jewelry.

From their first store in 1905 on Via Condotti to locations around the world, these artisans have created jewels that have been worn by world famous actresses such as the late Princess Grace and Audrey Hepburn, along with Elizabeth Taylor. At this year’s Oscar Award ceremony, a vintage Bulgari necklace adorned the neckline of a Vera Wang dress worn by Keira Knightly, who starred in the film “Pride and Prejudice.”

But more often than not, at the root of why we appreciate Italian high fashion jewelry is for love expressed in the craftsmanship and professional attention to detail. Beyond the fact that the jewelry production standards are the highest in the world, the connection between love of country and love of art combine beautifully to produce exquisite creations.

This tradition continues today with Italian high fashion jewelry being crafted by many designers to reflect a libertine sexual expression for men and women, such as the serpentine designs from DiMurano which displays the artistry of combining the Venetian centuries old technique of Murano blown glass with superfine 14 carat vermeil gold to create stunning and exotic look that is truly unique. Along with classic designs lovers of finely crafted jewelry will find bold, distinctive designs with an accent on sensuality. When the motive is to impress the person you love, the beauty of these exquisite pieces is sure to inspire a passionate embrace and loving kiss.