James Allen – Sterling Silver Jewelry is a Timeless Beauty

As jewelry trends come and go, silver jewelry remains popular across all economic and fashion spectra. Silver has attracted man’s fascination for many thousands of years.

Ancient civilizations found silver deposits plentiful on or near the earth’s surface. Relics of these civilizations, include jewelry, religious artifacts, and food vessels formed from the durable, malleable metal. This metal took on near mystical qualities in marking important historical milestones throughout the ages, and served as a medium of exchange.

Today, silver is sought as a valuable and practical industrial commodity, as well as an appealing investment precious metal.

Although silver is relatively scarce, it is the most plentiful and least expensive of the precious metals. The largest silver producing countries are Mexico, Peru, the United States, Australia and Chile.

So, that elegant pair of glimmering sterling silver drop earrings once prized by your late grandmother looks great today whether you wear the silver jewelry casually or put them on for a formal occasion.

Of course, not everyone is fond of estate silver jewelry, preferring to buy silver jewelry that is new and exciting, especially something designed by one of today`s contemporary artisans. It is these same designers who are seeing a mini boom in business today as shoppers discover the value of owning quality sterling silver jewelry and at prices much lower than gold. Tight economy or not, if your creations are especially attractive, you`ll catch the attention of savvy buyers.

Hot Diamonds is one such designing team producing some of the most sought after sterling silver jewelry of our time. Don`t let the name fool you, Hot Diamonds does feature at least one small brilliant cut diamond in every silver jewelry piece, but the accent is just as much on the metal as it is on the precious gemstones. You can find earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and rings featuring contoured shapes and fluid lines with a contemporary twist.

Each Hot Diamonds piece is part of a wider style line with such names as “just add love” or “back to nature” and “moonstruck” among others to captivate the imagination of buyers. For instance, the “just add love” line features modern and whimsical hearts and stars, an inviting style prized by young adult buyers. The “after hours” line represents the designers` evening wear collection, just perfect for a night out on the town for varying levels of formality.

Why should you choose sterling silver jewelry? James Allen.com states that if you researched the properties of silver you`d quickly realize how soft silver is by itself. Sterling silver is made up of 92.5 percent silver with the remaining 7.5 percent copper or some other metal. That is why you`ll find silver flatware pieces, even jewelry, well over a century old in excellent condition: durable sterling silver is one metal that can stand the test of time.

If you were to choose earrings made of virtually pure silver, you`d risk having them break in short order. Always buy jewelry with an eye to have it last to ensure that your investment is worthwhile and can retain its look.

A big trend for sterling silver jewelry fans is to visit estate sales to see what silver jewelry buys can be had. If you`re a fan of antiques, you`ll find the best buys at these types of sales, particularly those managed directly by the family. When an auctioneer or estate planner is brought in, prices are often marked up to cover their costs much as an antique retailer would have to charge more to cover her overhead.

For new sterling silver, your options are quite broad from flea markets to mall jewelry stores to online merchants. At flea markets you risk dealing with someone who may not be able to vouch that the earrings or pendant you want to purchase are, in fact, sterling silver. With a mall jewelry store, the merchant can attest to what they`re selling, while offering a guarantee.

If shopping online, make sure that you deal with a reputable jeweler such as James Allen. You could save a lot of money if you find the right retailer as Internet stores typically have a much lower overhead and savings are passed on to you in the form of lower prices. One can also secure valuable advice and tips for buying silver jewelry from the James Allen Silver Jewelry Internet blog.

Regardless of where you purchase your sterling silver jewelry, you`re buying classical jewelry with a strong, contemporary appeal. Whether choosing antique or contemporary sterling silver earrings, pendants, bangles, rings, necklaces, or bracelets you can reap the satisfaction of finding and wearing one of the finest of all metals.

Founded in 1998 by James Allen Schultz and his wife Michele Sigler, the idea behind James Allen was simple: Offer the world’s most beautiful diamond engagement rings and silver jewelry, all at an extraordinary value. While the idea of selling fine engagement diamond and silver jewelry over the Internet seemed strange back in 1998, James Allen has now grown to be one of the largest and most successful of all online diamond retailers. The company is regularly featured in trade magazines such as “National Jeweler” and has been profiled by such famous publications as “The Washington Post” Newspaper, “NBC News”, “US News & World Report” and “National Public Radio”.

How to Find Your Missing Cufflink Pair

You can’t help it. You were just wearing it and now it’s gone. What happened? Did somebody take it? How could anyone take it? Did you lose it?

Maybe you did and these events can’t be helped especially with cufflinks. They are minute pieces of jewelry that are commonly found on the cuffs. But what do you do with a single cufflinks? You can’t wear it unmatched.

Don’t fret. I listed here a couple of ways to find your matching pair. Hope this helps!

1. Online Auction. There are a lot of auction sites that are available on the web that sells everything from broken teeth to gold shovels. You can give it a shot to find your missing cufflinks.

2. Forums. Topics for online forums are also varied. Join one that discusses cufflinks or post a question on where you can find your missing pair.

3. Create a Blog. Blogs can also greatly aid you with finding your missing cufflinks. Focus your topic on single cufflinks exchange to draw collectors on your site.

4. Get advice from the experts. Cufflinks experts can give you enough information on where you can start your search. Learning more about your single piece can significantly aid you with hints and clues as to the whereabouts of the other pair. Speaking with experts is also a great opportunity to exchange ideas with cufflinks enthusiasts as yourself.

5. Utilize search engines. If you are searching online, it is best to use search engines. It is perhaps the most straightforward way of conducting your investigation. Google and Dogpile can assure massive return even with simple keywords.

6. Weekend Garage sales. Full-time collectors scout for the rarest items at garage sales. If you’re lucky, you can spot some good pairs yourself. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

7. Antique shops. Scout for antique stores if you don’t have one in your area. This is ideal for those whose pieces are considered heirlooms and have been handed down from previous generations. As the owner if he or she knows anyone with a collection to sell.

8. Attend Cufflink-ers Parties and Events. These are rare groups but if you do have one in your area, join them. More often than not, cufflinks are exchanged during get-togethers. If such groups are non-existent in your area, start one yourself.

9. Contact Online Cufflinks Merchants. There’s nothing with trying so don’t be shy. There can be a possibility that they are also looking for cufflinks like yours. You can have it exchanged for a better pair.

10. Advertise on Magazines and Newspapers. While this may hurt your pocket a little, you’ll never know who would come along. Newspapers and magazines are widely read by anyone anywhere so you’ll get more chances of being heard.

These are just some ways to help you find your missing link. You don’t have to exhaust every tip mentioned. Just choose a couple that suits your groove.